Refund terms and conditions

For Deposit/Topup Account

1.we do not accept third party payments.
2.we are not responsible for the loss of your money due to your own negligence.
3.please keep the receipt for your reference when we want confirmation. not deal with outside parties to top up your account other than us at omiyou!
5.we reserve the right to reject your deposit if there is an element of fraud
6.your account topup process can take up to 72 hours if there are difficulties.

For Withdrawal/Affliate

1.please confirm your account by uploading your id or passport.
2.please complete your bank account or payment system according to your id or passport.
3.the minimum withdrawal from your wallet is 50USD Affliate.
4.we reserve the right to withhold payment if items 1 and 2 have not been completed or we suspect you are attempting to commit fraud.
5.You can make daily withdrawal tax each withdrawal is 1-3% of your total withdrawal, and will be deducted directly from your withdrawal money.
6.this process can take up to 48 hours if no difficulties are encountered.

you can also ask our finance at email: