Love and marriage marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning! Txt complete works

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Love and marriage marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

Originally, President Meng wanted to see a lively scene, but because of Ding Jiayi, President Meng would rather give up such a rare opportunity, just want President Wei to take people away quickly. No, I, I don't want to be punished, I can't get a demerit! Sun Lei's face turned white. If he was given a demerit, he would not be able to get into a good university in the future. He might even step into the society with this stain in the future. He could not even find a good job. Sun Lei gritted his teeth and said, "Headmaster, I want to confess one thing. Can I be dealt with leniently this time?". Headmaster, I already know that this thing is a misunderstanding, but I am wronged, I was also cheated by Qiao Ziqi. Qiaonan is a victim, and so am I. Headmaster, you give me another chance. "I can't say!" Qiao Ziqi face a white, wish to cover Sun Lei's mouth with his hand, Sun Lei himself wants to die, also don't pull her into the water together! "What is it?" Principal Wei was annoyed: "If you want to say it, say it quickly." Principal, don't believe Sun Lei. Sun Lei doesn't want to be remembered, so he's making it up. What he said is false! Qiao Ziqi couldn't help shouting out. Whether it is false or not,electronic board for classroom, we will judge for ourselves. Sun Lei, what else is there? Principal Wei breathed a foul breath. "Forget it. I've lost my face at Grandma's house today. What else can I hide?" Principal Just as Sun Lei wanted to say, he was interrupted by Qiao Ziqi: "Sun Lei, don't go too far. You should feel your conscience when you speak.". You and I are classmates at least. Why do you want to hurt me so much? Who taught you? If you talk nonsense again, I, I, don't you want to kill me? Qiao Ziqi was so angry that he stamped his feet, and his tears could not stop flowing out. Obviously this matter should be Qiaonan a person's bad luck, how finally became her bad luck. What are you teaching? I'm not talking nonsense. I'm telling the truth. It's not that I want to hurt you,65 inch touch screen, Qiao Ziqi, it's clear that you want to hurt me! You also can say, we two anyhow also are once classmate, you harm me so, you, is your heart black?! The more Sun Lei thought about it, the more he felt that what Zhu Baoguo had just said was really right. Qiao Ziqi is clearly deliberately to use this matter, to harm him, if he is holding back not to say, was bullied by Qiao Ziqi, then he is really a fool. Principal, when high, Qiao Ziqi often test class eighth, in fact, that result is not her own test out, interactive flat panel display ,smart board touch screen, is cheating! "Cheat?" President Wei's eyes stared: "Are you telling the truth?"? You can't talk nonsense about that! Since the establishment of the attached middle school, there has never been such a scandal as cheating in the school for more than ten years. Ture Sun Lei said with great certainty: "Principal, I have evidence to prove that what I said is true. Qiao Ziqi's grades in the first grade of senior high school were all due to cheating." "You're talking nonsense, I'm not, I'm not!" Qiao Ziqi blushed for a while, even though she had been hiding behind Ding Jiayi, but her eyes were like snake eyes, emitting a faint green light, always staring at Sun Lei. Heh heh heh. Zhu Baoguo smiled coolly, "Do you really think everyone is like you? Do you have so much time to wrong people casually?" Cheating? That's something new. He also heard that when Qiao Ziqi was in junior high school, his grades were very ordinary, so if he wanted to go to the attached middle school to study, he had to pay a sum of money and rely on his grandfather's relationship. Later, as soon as Qiao Ziqi entered the attached middle school, his academic performance improved by leaps and bounds. Because of the example of Qiao Ziqi, the attached middle school has been passed on for a long time in the courtyard. Many parents say that as long as their children have the opportunity to go to the attached middle school, they should spend more money. The teaching quality of the attached middle school is really good. ……” “……” Principal Meng and Mr. Liu were all stunned. The word "cheating" is very sensitive in school. Pingcheng high school is also a good high school, when the students were admitted, but the score was blocked. So, can come in to study, junior high school at that time the results are not bad, at least until today, Pingcheng attached middle school teachers have not caught their own school cheating. Unexpectedly, the attached middle school, which claims to be better and more powerful than Pingcheng High School, not only appeared this situation, but also the teachers of the attached middle school did not find it. Qiaonan pulled the corners of her mouth, she was really guessed, with Qiaozi's ability, it is impossible to test out the eighth class such results, even if Qiaozi's class is the most "special" class in the attached middle school. No, I haven't done this kind of thing. My grades are all true. I didn't cheat. Sun Lei wronged me. Sun Lei, that's enough. Are you looking for a girlfriend, or.. I just want to introduce you two. After you saw the picture of my sister, you said that my sister was beautiful and very interested in making friends with my sister. Now my sister refuses you, even if you are angry again, you should not retaliate on me, this is between you two, I am innocent! Qiao Ziqi also wants to turn things around and turn the tide, so he must reverse the situation. She can never admit that she has cheated! Chapter 421 of the main text covers his face and leaves. Zhu Baoguo frowned and raised his fist high: "I warn you, don't force me to beat people.". Is it true that what kind of school teaches what kind of students will only shirk responsibility? So you cheated because of Little Joe? How can you be so capable? Why don't you go to heaven? Zhu Baoguo's words are tantamount to "slap" in the face of President Wei, because students like Qiao Ziqi come from their attached middle school. With a pig-red old face, President Wei said, "Sun Lei, you just said you have evidence, right?"? Our attached middle school will never tolerate students who are not strong enough to love, cheat, are not sincere enough and are full of lies. As long as you explain the situation clearly, I will consider reducing your punishment. President Wei's neck and waist straightened up, and the loser did not lose the battle. Even if the attached middle school really has such a bad student as Qiao Ziqi,75 smart board, it does not mean that the whole attached middle school is bad. He, the principal, is also a person who does not distinguish between right and wrong.