Criminal Gang Short Stories _ Agatha Christie

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"Miss Dean," Tommy went on to say to the girl, "I know you and your mother and a servant are in your house now.

"Miss Dean," Tommy went on to say to the girl, "I know you and your mother and a servant are in your house now. Can you give me the details of the servant? Her name is Crockett, and she's been with my aunt for about eight years, maybe ten. She was a little old and a little eccentric, but she was a very good servant. She sometimes likes to put on airs because her sister married a husband of considerable importance. Crockett had a nephew whom she used to tell us was a very respectable gentleman. "Well!" Tommy snorted and didn't know what to say next. Tappens had been looking at Monica critically when she suddenly said decisively: I think the best thing is for Miss Dean to go out to lunch with me. It's just one o'clock. She'll tell me all the details. "That is certain, Miss Sheringham." "That's a great idea," Tommy agreed as soon as he could. "I say, Miss Dean," said Tappens, as they sat comfortably at a small table in a nearby restaurant, "can you tell me if there was some special reason why you wanted to find out everything that happened?" Monica's face was red. Uh, you say this # 8212; "Please come to the point!" Tappens encouraged each other. Well,pumpkin seed extract, there are two people. # 8212; They They all want to marry me. 。” "I think it's the same kind of story that often happens, one is rich and the other is poor.". And the poor man happens to be the one you love the most. "I don't know how you can be so predictable." Said the girl in a low voice. This is a natural law. "It happens to everyone, and I'm no exception," Tappens explained. You know, even if I sell the house,fenugreek saponins, we won't have enough money to live on. What a nice guy Gerald is. Although he was a very talented engineer, he was very poor. If he had a small amount of money, the company he works for would accept him as a partner. The other is Mr. Partridge, who is also very nice. I know # 8212; # 8212; He is quite rich. 。 If I marry him, our hard times will be over. However But "I can understand that." "It's a totally different thing," Tappens said with understanding. You can keep convincing yourself that he is so good and so valuable, and then add his character as an additional condition. In the end, he doesn't inspire you. Monica nodded her head. I think we'll stop here. Tappens said, "I think we'd better go to you and investigate the matter at the scene.". Where do you live? "The Red House, rosmarinic acid supplement ,saw palmetto extract, in the town of Stoughton, Marsh." Tappens wrote the address in her notebook. "I haven't asked you yet," Monica said haltingly. "What's the charge?" When she finished speaking, her face turned red. We get paid strictly according to the results of the survey, "Tappens said solemnly." If the secret of the Red House can bring considerable economic benefits, such as the benefits of those buyers who are eager to buy real estate and are willing to pay a high price, we can take a small percentage. Otherwise, we won't charge you anything. !” "Thank you so much!" The girl said gratefully. "Well, you have nothing to worry about now," said Tappens. "Everything will be all right.". Let's have a good lunch and talk about something interesting. Txt Xiaoshuo Tiantang WWw. XiAosHuotxt. COM. Chapter 15 Red House. "Wonderful," said Tommy, looking out of the window of the Corolla and Anchor Inn, "that we should come to this toad-hole of a place, or whatever it's called. Anyway, this town is pretty boring. ” "Let's study the case first." Tappens said. Of course you can. Tommy said, "First of all, I want to talk about my opinion. I think the sick mother is the most suspected." "What is the reason?" My dear Tappens, suppose that the devilish ghost was premeditated, and that its purpose was to make the girl sell the house as soon as possible. Therefore, someone must have thrown things in the house. The girl said that everyone was eating, but there should be one exception. 。 If the mother had been particularly ill, she would have stayed in her room upstairs. "If her condition was really serious, she couldn't have broken the furniture." "Humph!"! But what if she's not really sick and she's faking it? "And why?" "It's this point that I can't find the answer to." As her husband candidly admits, "I've been seriously following the proverbial detective rule of focusing on those who seem the least likely to commit a crime." 。” "You always joke about everything." Tappens said seriously, "Of course, there must be some reason why those people are eager to get the house.". If you really don't want to find out the whole story, I'll do it. I like that girl. She's so cute. Tommy nodded his head seriously. I have no opinion. Tappens, I just can't help joking with you sometimes. Of course, what happened in this house is very strange. However, no matter what kind of secret it is, it is very difficult to find out. Otherwise,akba boswellic acid, wouldn't a simple burglary solve the problem? There is no need to play such a trick. The rush to buy the house meant having to pry open the floors, knock down the walls, and even dig three feet into the ground to get there. Or there's a coal mine under the back garden. 。