Crossing woman meets reborn man

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"Please, Third Daughter-in-law of the Ching-an Mansion!" Dingyuan Hou Shizi's wife raised her voice slightly

"Please, Third Daughter-in-law of the Ching-an Mansion!" Dingyuan Hou Shizi's wife raised her voice slightly and pulled the corners of her mouth. Although her words could not be heard, her eyes were clearly disdainful. Chu Lian stood in the crowd, a dress is not outstanding, but not the slightest timid expression but people can not help but applaud for her courage, she Tuan Tuan Yifu, "also ask you ladies to send a few people to follow me to the small kitchen as a witness." Dingyuan Hou Shizi's wife might as well Chu Lian would also make such a request, and immediately waved to the two competent Mammy to go with her, and the same was true of Mrs. Yang. When they saw Chu Lian and the servant girl leaving with the four Mammy to the small kitchen in the plum pavilion courtyard, the voices of discussion grew louder and louder. Dingyuan Hou Shizi's wife was helped to sit down by the servant girl, and her heart was cold. She didn't believe that this unloved girl from the British government could still toss out a flower. Don't think that your stomach can do well, but your hands, feet and brain can do well! Lady Yang was sitting beside Lady Hou of Dingyuan. The servant girl offered her a cup of tea that had just been fried. She took a sip and said with a smile, "Why did Lady Hou begin to feel sorry for your pearl bracelet so soon?" "Mrs. Yang, how can you be sure you can win before this birthday peach comes out?" Two people "swords and swords", for a while let the ladies around them keep silent, one after another shrink their necks to pack quails. No one wants to accidentally become a chess piece for two people like Chu Lian. Plum Pavilion opposite Qingfeng Pavilion, the third floor window of the pair of blue eyes flashed slightly,plastic laminated tube, suddenly showing a smile, only to hear a low murmur, "Sanlang this boy, but married a funny wife." With a wave of his hand, the shadow in the room flashed again. "Let everyone step down first. The king wants to see what the result of Chu Liu can be." "Yes, master." A boy in blue whispered in Zheng Shizi's ear for a long time by the lakeside corridor of Qingfeng Pavilion,metal cosmetic tubes, and Zheng Shizi's eyes, which had been staring at the opposite side, suddenly lit up. But really? "Prince, the little one dares not hide anything." "Go and report to me as soon as you have the result!" Zheng Shizi anxiously kicked a foot on the boy's buttocks, and the boy ran away with a laugh. Zheng Shizi took two or three steps to Xiao Bojian, who was still standing in place. "Brother Xiao Xue, guess what happened on the opposite side. Haha, it's really lively. I didn't expect that the old Dingyuan Hou would celebrate his birthday. It's really a worthwhile trip." Had it not been for the fact that there were all women on the opposite side, and that Zheng Shizi was an unengaged man, he would have liked to go and have a look on the spot because he loved to join in the fun. Xiao Bojian looked at Zheng Shizi lightly, his face is more delicate than a woman, but also tightly pursed thin lips, this expression shows a thick breath of abstinence, eye cream packaging tube ,plastic laminted tube, almost let Zheng Shizi a man look stunned. The prince said that Xiao was the most tired of guessing. Zheng Shizi was not annoyed by Xiao Bojian's cold attitude. His brother Xiao Xue was usually so cold that he seemed to have no interest in anything. He felt that it was not interesting to speak in such an appetizing tone, so he directly explained what had happened opposite in detail. When Zheng Shizi talked about the excitement, he also praised it. By the way, speaking of the Third Daughter-in-law of the Jing'an Mansion, the Xinxuan cake that my grandmother brought back for us to taste together a few days ago was made by her! If she can make such a snack, what is this birthday peach. Haha, today this Dingyuan Hou Shizi's wife is going to draw water with a bamboo basket. She really can't wait to see the annoying expression of Shizi's wife. Xiao Bojian listened to Zheng Shizi's words, but set off a huge wave in his heart. His thin lips pursed again, almost in a straight line, and his long fingers clenched more and more tightly on the railing. He thought much more than Zheng Shizi. How on earth did she get into trouble with Princess Leyao? What happened today is obviously a game, Zou yuanqin, Princess Leyao, Mrs. Hou Shizi of Dingyuan are all people on the same line. What is the plot of Mrs. Yang to push her son to the center of the incident? And He Changdi! Now that he has married her and treated her so badly, such a man does not deserve to have a son at all! Xiao Bojian a pair of slightly raised phoenix eyes brewing a storm, the bottom of his heart mercilessly depressed, he hated himself for not having the ability to help Chu Lian in the most difficult time, can only let her face alone. Since he Sanlang doesn't deserve it, don't blame him for snatching her! And these people who are embarrassed today, he will not let go of any of them in the future! Chu Lian, who was directing the two maids around him in the small kitchen to roll the dough, would have given a big look if he had known what Xiao Bojian was thinking at this time. One more word: stay where it's cool, and don't hinder this girl from making money. And your mind is so twisted and dark, does your mother know? It's a pity that Chu Lian doesn't know anything. She's busy in the kitchen. The four nuns who followed were Mrs. Dingyuan and Mrs. Yang, and none of them could do anything about it. Small kitchen, because Mr. Wang of De'an Building had made birthday peaches here before, and all the materials were complete. With the help of Xi Yan and Wen Qing, Chu Lian's speed was even faster. At first, the four nuns stood beside her, and even the two nuns beside Mrs. Hou of Dingyuan had their eyes on their heads, but as time went by, the nuns' eyes grew bigger and bigger, and the nuns beside Mrs. Hou of Dingyuan began to sweat. It happened that there were two other nuns watching at this time, and they couldn't get away. Chu Lian moved calmly, and it took him only half an hour to make several cages of longevity peaches. The four nuns craned their necks to look when Chu Lian took out the peaches, but Chu Lian intentionally blocked them, and none of them saw them clearly. When Chu Lian cleaned his hands and led the maids back to the Plum Pavilion, all the women in the Plum Pavilion immediately cast their eyes on Chu Lian, and then, coincidentally, they stared at the food box carried by Xi Yan,cosmetic tube packaging, scratching their hearts and liver, wishing they had perspective eyes, and immediately saw what the longevity peaches made by the Third Daughter-in-law of Jing'an Bo Mansion looked like. The four nuns who had followed hurried back to their respective masters.