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When Tang Qi heard this, she immediately understood what Ye Tao was talking about. She gave the latter a white look

When Tang Qi heard this, she immediately understood what Ye Tao was talking about. She gave the latter a white look, hesitated twice, and said shyly, "Otherwise, I.." I'm doing it for you? "Forget it, it's all right. I'll talk about it later." Ye Tao smiled and held her in his arms, gently touching her long hair. So quietly for a while, Tang Qi is curious, "what skills do you have now, can you fly?" "Of course, do you want to go to the sky?" Ye Tao laughed "Of course," Tang Qi listened to this slightly stupefied, immediately excited way, "go, go, take me out for a walk." "Good," Ye Tao laughed and pulled Tang Qi out of the house. When they came to a remote place, Tang Qi asked worriedly, "We're flying in the sky, and we won't be found by anyone, and then we'll be shot down by a missile?" Ye Tao laughed and said, "You little girl, what are you thinking about? People like me have ways to isolate their breath. With the technology on the earth today, it's impossible to find out." When Tang Qi heard this, she settled down, and before she could speak, Ye Tao pulled her straight into the sky. Looking at the surrounding scenery flying, Tang Qi is simply excited to an extreme, can not help but feel a little complacent,Self-closing Faucet, secretly admire their eyesight, unexpectedly found such a magical boyfriend, looking at Ye Tao's eyes full of worship. Flying to a height of thousands of meters, Ye Tao's mind moved, the flying sail suddenly appeared at the feet of two people, he played a magic, it was like a toy flying sail, suddenly enlarged, at the same time, he also held Tang Qi slowly fell down. As soon as Tang Qi stood still, looking at such a beautiful ship flying in midair,Manual Flush Valve, he asked excitedly, "Is this the magic weapon of flying in the novel?" "Yes," Ye Tao nodded with a smile. Is there anyone in the world who is better than you? Are you the best in the world? Tang Qi asked again with a chirp. Ye Tao was stunned and immediately laughed, "There is no real best in the world. A mountain is always higher than a mountain. However, at least so far, I haven't seen anyone more powerful than me. Maybe some masters are not born." "You are so powerful," Tang Qi was shocked when she heard this, and immediately she wondered, "aren't your parents as powerful as you?" Ye Tao smiled and said, "Psychologically speaking, my parents are always the most powerful people in my heart, but in essence, they are not as good as me for the time being." "What?" Tang Qi was frightened when she heard this, and then said doubtfully, "Didn't you say that your parents were at the top of the Shadow Department of Tenglongji, and you were inside.." At this point, she could not go on, because what Ye Tao said at that time was only that he was inside, and did not say the level of his position. Ye Tao looked at her like this, smiled and said, "Now, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,stainless steel toilet, I will tell you the truth, Tenglong Group is built by me." "Ah," Tang Qi Wen Yan immediately is a dull face, looking at Ye Tao's eyes full of disbelief, half ring after she was shocked to ask, "but. But how old are you now? Tenglong Group has been established for more than ten years. Ye Tao smiled to himself in his heart, but in his mouth he gave Tang Qi the idea of fooling Zhang Xuan and others one by one. In the middle of Ye Tao's story, Tang Qi was shocked again and again, like a dream, feeling really like listening to the story in Ye's novel, waiting for Ye Tao to finish. Tang Qi had such a sudden realization, "No wonder you are so powerful in everything, everything, it turns out that you are an old monster who has lived for tens of thousands of years." Ye Tao took a strange look and said proudly, "That is." Tang Qi disdained to curl his lips and said, "What is there to be proud of? If I live for ten thousand years, I can also master everything, and more than you can." "Er," Ye Tao was slightly stupefied and immediately said curiously, "what do you know more than I do?" "Giving birth to a child" Tang Qiqiao blushed slightly and laughed happily. Ye Tao was speechless when he heard this. Tang Qi looked at Ye Tao so happy, after a moment, she asked curiously, "Since you have lived so long before, do you have children?" Ye Tao Wen Yan was in a daze again, then pretended to think about it and said, "I really don't remember how many there are, anyway, there are eight thousand without ten thousand." Now it was Tang Qi's turn to be dumbfounded. Ye Tao looked at Tang Qi like this, holding back a smile, and solemnly said, "I haven't counted those illegitimate children I don't know, if I count those again, I don't know how many there will be." When Tang Qi heard this, she was immediately angry. She opened her mouth and scolded, "You bastard, why do you want such a child? And how many wives do you have? According to your current situation, I don't want to say Xiao Liu. I'm afraid it's not the turn of Xiao Hundred." With these words, Tang Qi's tears crackled down again, and then she lowered her head and began to cry again. Ye Tao looked at it with a wry smile. He sat beside Tang Qi, hugged her slender waist, and whispered, "Silly girl, you also believe this. I just played a joke on you. I was silent in my last life. I never married a wife in my life. Only in this life can I realize the beauty of a woman." "Really," Tang Qi looked at Ye Tao with tears, a pitiful look. Ye Tao said, "but I really want to see ten thousand little babies in my life, but this depends on your efforts." "Disgusting," Tang Qijiao replied angrily, shyly and timidly, "when you think someone is a pig, even if I can give birth again in the future, I can't give birth to ten thousand." "This is not necessarily, you can not forget, but we will be a long time in the future, ten thousand years is not good, we are a hundred thousand years, a hundred thousand years is not good, we are a million years, how to get ten thousand," Ye Tao laughed. Listening to Ye Tao's words, Tang Qi was very shy, but she couldn't help looking forward to it in her eyes. After a moment, she sighed, "If that were the case, it would be so beautiful." At this point,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, Tang Qi hesitated a little and said, "Ye." Ye Tao, what are you going to do about my sister?