Tips to Use Snuffle Mats for Keeping your dog healthy and active - Guide

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Don’t tell me that you just bought a brand new snuffle mat for your dog only for the dog to completely ignore it. Yeah, well. Happens a lot. So much so that I am actually writing an entire article on it.

Don’t tell me that you just bought a brand new snuffle mat for your dog only for the dog to completely ignore it.  Yeah, well. Happens a lot. So much so that I am actually writing an entire article on it.

So, what to do now?

Can’t let the snuffle mat go to waste. And don’t worry. That won’t happen. This happens when you buy a snuffle mat for dogs. It just takes them some time getting used to it, that’s all.

Of course, it’s not like that all the time. But only the most affectionate dog breeds are not scared of new stuff. The rest take some time to sniffle at new objects. But make sure you have an esa letter for housing before you keep a dog in your house.

So, how do you engage your doggo then?

Let me help you with that.

Tip #1: Healthy Treats

You can keep your dog healthy via a snuffle mat if you hide healthy treats in the mat. It’s so big. You can easily hide treats in there and ask your dog to sniff them out.

This way, the doggo gets to have some fun with the mat and gets to eat healthily.

The food, of course, acts as an incentive to get close to the mat.

Tip #2: Hide Toys

Yeah, so you can hide anything in the mat, right? Even small toys. Yeah, so use this to have some fun time with your dog.

Hide little toys or playthings on the mat and ask your dog to find them for you.

You can then throw those toys around or transform this into a game of fetch. Either way, this will burn some calories. It is right that animals can help you with emotional support but you need to get an emotional support animal letter from a certified professional and especially if you are living in a rented house you probably need this. 

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Tip #3: Train Your Dog

Yes, you can now train your dog with a snuffle mat. Who knew?

Yeah so here is what you are going to do. You will tell your dog to “sit” while you hide stuff in the mat.

Then you will say “go” so that they can begin sniffing out whatever you hid.

You can also tell them to “leave it” which will prompt them to leave the mat alone.

If you can't find a legitimate ESA letter check for an esa letter online


Tip #4: Use as a Distraction

Sometimes, you just need to distract your dog a little. Ok, scratch that. All the time. This happens all the time. 

So let’s say that you need your dog distracted so that the groomers can groom him and make him look like the dashing boy that he is.

You use the snuffle mat. Tell your dog to sit calmly on it and it will just keep playing.

Tip #5: Sniffing Activities

Fun fact: a 15-minute sniffing for a dog is like an hour-long walk. It burns just as many calories.

WOAH! Right?

So, setting your dog on a sniffing path is actually a great way to keep it healthy. You can use the snuffle mat in this case by either hiding things in it or just playing with it randomly.

As discussed earlier that before you can do all this stuff with the dog you must have emotional support dog letter.

Tip #6: Slow Down the Rapid Eating

It is actually not a good idea for dogs to eat very fast but they do tend to gobble their food.

A snuffle mat can help in this case as you can hide food in there. This way, your dog will take some time to find the food and then eat it.

So, it will have breaks between its bites rather than inhaling the food right away.

Well, that’s that.

Use these wonderful ideas to keep your doggo healthy. And if you are thinking of adopting it as an ESA then get your esa letter ASAP. So that things can be legal and all that.

If you are wondering where you will get that letter then let me tell you that you can get it online. You just need a trustworthy website.

So, search for websites right now.


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