Upstream of tears

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They promised happily, but said that they would wait until their mother's summer vacation, and the whole family would go together.

Stepmother will give you this sweet, hehe × × × × Update Description × × Two-pronged approach, while writing this, revise the house of missing people. After the tears are finished-try to turn to the missing person in October. Chapter VII (I) (1) Xia Xiaoju took the first bus back to school in the early morning. When she left, several boys were still playing cards noisily. Some people seemed to have grown a dense layer of stubble all night, or they had not tidied up their appearance in the final exam a few days ago, so they could not see clearly in the dark last night. In normal times, Xiaoju must have laughed, rushed up and folded his fists, giving him two nicknames from martial arts novels. At this time, however, she did not care about anything and hurried away with her schoolbag. "Wait a minute," Lu Yi shouted. "Her heart tightened, she stopped and slowly turned around, her face slightly hot, wondering if it was as red as a cooked crab." There are still gifts to be taken. He pouted, "Shuishui, they sent you a badminton racket." "You don't have to take it." Shuishui rubbed his eyes. "Come and fight at any time. Anyway, you will move into the city next semester,endless swimming pool, won't you?" "I'm very good, and you're not necessarily my opponent!" "Ha, how can I have time to play basketball and study with you? I am a good student who studies hard and has no distractions. Like some classmates, grass grows in my heart all day long.." As he spoke, he bumped into Lu Yi with his shoulder. "Yesterday he was asked to take a deck of cards. He came out and grabbed a box of cigarettes and ran to the corridor." "When did you learn to smoke?" "Come on, open your mouth and let me have a look!" Everybody laughs: "Look, did somebody make a speech?" Xia Xiaoju felt very guilty at this time,hot tub spa manufacturers, fearing that someone would say something to tease himself and Lu Yi. Knowing that it was impossible, she always felt that the moment when she was half awake had already become a secret known to all the world, and there was no escape in full view of the public. She coped with a few words and rubbed against the door. The earth sent her downstairs amid the noise of the crowd. Early in the morning, the Avenue is misty, the morning dew disappears in the air, and the gentle wind moistens the light water vapor. Did you really smoke? I really need to say something. No "I told you, you've grown up." "Because I don't have a lighter on me." Lu Yi laughed, "but I smoked one or two before, and I didn't like the taste." Xia Xiaoju naturally won't pursue why he touched a box of cigarettes and went out last night. The two men walked all the way to the station, talking about the weather and the exam. Earlier, Lu Yi helped her book a train ticket to go home together, and they made an appointment to meet at Beijing Railway Station every few days. There were hardly any people on the first bus, and it kept clattering. Xia Xiaoju regretted that he should have asked him if he had anything to say to himself when he was waiting for the bus. Because it's hard to say, I always think that the future is long. But I don't know that once I put it down, outdoor whirlpool ,hot tub manufacturers, it became a topic that I never touched again, so that the kiss became more and more vague, and even its authenticity could not be guaranteed. Someone once asked Xia Xiaoju whether she could still distinguish between friendship and love when she was so close to Lu Yi. She nodded firmly. "Of course!" Perhaps doubt, in the swing close, but moved and moved is so different, especially the person who has always existed in the bottom of my heart, reappeared. Beijing Railway Station has not changed much over the years. Xia Xiaoju got off the taxi and bought a platform ticket. The train from Guangzhou still had more than half an hour to go before it pulled into the station. She sat down by the flower bed, thinking about what Cheng Lang looked like the last time she saw him, but his face always seemed to be blurred. After thinking about it, it was all about him with a fresh crew cut several years ago, or even the straw mushroom shape he first saw earlier, stubbornly jumping out of the depths of his memory. Here and now, it is hard not to think of that summer vacation when we met again at the railway station, through the crowd, we saw his leisurely figure. Xiaoju recognized the red oval trolley case, but its owner did not appear. Did you go to Gansu for social practice? Yes, the decision was so sudden that it was too late to change the ticket home, but she always wanted to see the flying apsaras. When I come back, I may climb Huashan Mountain. When queuing up to enter the station, Xia Xiaoju was standing in front of Lu Yi. When she heard the conversation between the two boys, she couldn't help poking her head out: "Will you go to Xi'an?" "Yes, she did mention the mutton steamed bun.". What's the matter? "Oh, no." I want to eat, too. She stammered and turned back, vaguely uneasy. The boys' conversation soon turned to final exams, ball games and class reunions, and he laughed heartily, without a trace of concealment or uneasiness. And Xia Xiaoju's heart is awe-inspiring, and the beautiful handwriting of Lin pomelo two years ago is vivid in my mind. I told my parents that I wanted to go to Huashan Mountain and Dunhuang to see the flying apsaras, all of which could pass through Xi'an. They promised happily, but said that they would wait until their mother's summer vacation, and the whole family would go together. There are so many reasons that I can't refute them. Can not help but turn around, looking at his smile, seems to be the last ray of sunshine before the storm, but do not know that it will soon be covered by dark clouds. Anxious in her heart, she had a premonition of the change of fate, but could not speak out, otherwise it would seem to be an ill-intentioned curse. The last few hard-seat carriages were basically all students. Xiaoju was in the middle of the carriage. Cheng Lang was sitting at the end of the carriage. When he was making instant noodles, he saw him chatting happily with the girl in the opposite seat. When he returned to his seat, he couldn't help looking over. Lu Yi saw that Xia Xiaoju was restless and pulled her skirt: "There is nothing to see." I.. I didn't look. "You've been staring at Cheng Lang." Xia Xiaoju was nearly choked by the noodle soup, and the pepper that was not mixed evenly got into her trachea, which made her cough incessantly. I know you have a good relationship with Lin Pomelo, but I won't go back to snitch on this matter. Lu Yi smiled. With tears in her eyes,5 person hot tub, she squinted at him with a flat mouth, thinking, two silly boys who don't know anything.