Feng Qi Ah Fang

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Fu Jian took one look at him and finally stamped his feet. With a brush of his sleeve, he shouted to the generals

Fu Jian took one look at him and finally stamped his feet. With a brush of his sleeve, he shouted to the generals kneeling on the ground, "Go home and reflect on yourself!" Yang Bi, together with Dou Chong, thanked them in an uneven way, and then saluted and retired. It seemed that they had been kneeling for a long time. When they all got up, they were a little stiff. Get up. Did you have a good journey? Hearing Fu Jian's words, Fu Hui got up and took a cup of cheese pulp from a maid's plate dodging behind the pillar. He served it to Fu Jian's table and bowed down. "It's all right," he said. "Is it?" Fu Jian had a cup in his hand, but he had no intention of drinking it. "Isn't the garrison of Luoyang empty?" He asked. "Murong Chui and Liu Laozhi in their eyes, are Yecheng, second brother there, keep is very hard.". Luoyang is not so important, a few months should be able to survive, right? Fu Hui said, Fu Jian did not make a sound for a while. Worried, he peeped at Fu Jian's face, but as if he had seen a crumpled yellow paper, he was taken aback and stepped back. Fu Jian seems to be thin, no, in fact, can not be said to be thin, but the whole person is relaxed down. The folds were folded into shades above and below his eyes, and his hair was still tied up, but at the root of his hair, the flashes of stars were. "Unexpectedly had the white hair,collapsible bulk container," Fu Hui felt sour in the eye socket. Since the town of Luoyang, he has not seen Fu Jian for four or five years, this light suddenly saw, unexpectedly completely strange, if not in this Jinhua Hall, would not dare to recognize. At this time, Fu Jian drank the cheese in his hand, as if to cover up the embarrassment at the moment. Since Fu Hui came, he naturally abandoned Luoyang,collapsible pallet box, which was something that both father and son knew. Just a question and answer, how all some self-deceiving taste, but also slightly less. That's good! Fu Jian answered with an expressionless face. Seeing that he had nothing else to say, Fu Hui asked cautiously, "When I first came to Chang'an, I only knew that the Xianbei Qiang slaves were making trouble. I don't know the details. I hope my father can give me some advice." Naturally, he wanted to ask the reason why the generals had been reprimanded just now, but it was not convenient for him to ask directly. Fu Jian shook his head in annoyance and said to Zhang Zheng, who was silent, "Tell him!" "Yes," Zhang Zheng then talked about Murong Hong and Yao Kui at the beginning of the uprising, he knew that this was Fu Hui already knew, then briefly, until Fu Jian back to Chang'an, leaving all the royal Yao Kui just detailed up. …… They were all lost in the hands of Yao Kui in a war, but Dou Chong was spared. But Yao Kui treated them leniently and sent them back to the camp. Unable to fight again, they returned to the palace to plead guilty. After drinking the cheese, Fu Jian threw the copper cup heavily on the table and said in a resentful voice, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet bin, "This thief.." Humiliate me too much! Bastard, you have the face to come back alive! "The skin and flesh on his face were twitching, and his anger was still there." Father, why is that? Fu Hui hurriedly said, "Yao Kui has been blessed by his father's kindness for many years. Although he is now rebellious, he still has three or five points of shame. He is courteous to his generals, and he does not dare to make mistakes.". Although this can not slightly reduce his sin, but after all, it is obvious that his father's benevolence is deep. "Do they also know how to be grateful?" Fu Jian sneered and finally calmed down. He stretched out his hand to pull Fu Hui closer and looked up at him. His tone was very gentle. "You're here just in time. Chang'an is in urgent need of troops." At this time, his eyes cherished the meaning of moving, like a warm current through Fu Hui's body. With a fever in his head, he knelt down and shouted proudly, "My father was bullied by Xiao Xiao. It's really my son's crime!"! My son should sweep away all the evil spirits for his father, and even if he dies, he will not refuse! As he spoke, his eyes were already warm. From his arm came the force of pulling him. Fu Jian's voice was very clear and soft. "Good!" He said! I am old, you are adults, it is time for you to contribute to the maintenance of this piece of land. A "old" word into the ear, it is infinitely desolate and unwilling, but it is sad to the extreme. Fu Hui unconsciously clenched Fu Jian's hand, and the warmth and strength from his hand made him keep swearing in his heart: "I will live up to my father's wishes.." At that moment, the two fathers and sons sat on the same bed and talked about the situation in the world, but they were in danger everywhere. When Murong Chui said that he was trying to break the Zhanghe River to flood Yecheng last month, he was attacked and killed by Fu Pi. He was defeated and left. A horse escaped with his life. It was a pity that he laughed heartily. When Fu Hui heard Zhang Zheng pretending to cough, he felt that it was already late at night. Seeing that Fu Jian was tired, he got out of bed and left. "All right," said Fu Chien, "but it's only been a few days since you went to war. My father and I haven't been together for a long time. Come back to the palace tomorrow." "Yes!" Fu Hui saluted, and suddenly hesitated in the middle. The candle on the stage was half broken, and some old things seemed to be vivid in his mind. He finally couldn't help but say what he had been intentionally avoiding tonight, "Father, do you know that Murong Chong's white Lu children dare to roll the tiger whiskers of Daqin?" When he said the last few words, he could not help trembling slightly. The light of the fire suddenly stagnated, Fu Jian's lips pursed very tightly, slightly closed his eyes, as if he was struggling to think about who Murong Chong was? He did not let Fu Hui go out, and Fu Hui could only stand in silence. Zhang Zheng looked at the look of these two people, is some at a loss, but heard outside there is a small attendant, "urgent military situation!" This sound, come just in time, Zhang is not waiting for Fu Jian ordered, then some hurriedly step out of the temple, the letters in the sleeve. Fu Jian leaned forward and said, "What's the matter?"? Read it to me! Zhang Zheng pulled it apart and read aloud: ".." Report to play your majesty matters, the former Xianbei rebel Murong Hong for adviser Gao gai kill, now.. He suddenly lost his voice, raised his face unconsciously, and met Fu Jian's inquiring eyes. Read. Down. Go Fu Jian ordered in a low and forceful voice. Yes Without looking at the letter in his hand, Zhang Zheng said, "Embrace the younger brother of Hong to become the younger brother of the false emperor!" His voice trailed off as if he had done something guilty. Fu Jian raised his eyebrows, and the candlelight shone on his eyebrows, red and bright, like a small cluster of sparks. He suddenly turned his back and said, "All.." Get down there! He seemed to resist the impulse to laugh, so his voice seemed strange and trembling. Looking at him trying to straighten up,wholesale plastic pallet, but still soft collapse of the body, Fu Hui and Zhang Zheng silent salute, out of the temple. cnplasticpallet.com